Estate Sales

Have more than a few pieces to consign? Need help with liquidating an entire household or estate? We can help!

An Estate Sale, also sometimes referred to as a “Tag Sale” is where the entire contents of a home are sold in just two or three days. Estate sales can be the right solution when the need arises should it be for reasons of downsizing, moving domestically or internationally, death of family members or via a legal estate trustee. An estate sale can often be the best solution to achieve a more immediate need when there’s a vast array of items to be liquidated in order to get a property either ready to place on the market or to transfer to new owners.

Hunt & Gather Fine Estate Furnishings has the knowledge, staff and status in the area to make sure you receive the absolute best value for your items. We have assisted clients for over 10 years with this often daunting task and we’re sure we can be of service to you too. As an estate sale is taken on a commission basis, it is in both your and our best interest to get the most value out of every single item. We don’t fire sale items like other companies may. We have the ability to consign items that may not find the right buyer in just a few days, so you’re not losing valuable dollars in the long term. We also have working relationships with several area auction companies which may provide the best solution for several items in an estate.

Estate Sale Basics:

  • First and foremost...STOP throwing things away! You could easily be tossing valuable items into the garbage.
  • We work on a commission basis.
  • We do the work. We go thru every drawer, cupboard and closet, then clean, polish, display, tag and price every single item in the home.
  • We advertise the sale for up to four weeks in advance to a nationwide audience with photographs, descriptions and details about the sale.
  • We advertise locally and send out email blasts to our tag sale customer lists in advance of the sale with complete details.
  • We staff the sale with cashiers, clerks and helpers to assist customers. We accept Cash, Check, and Credit Cards.
  • You receive a fully itemized inventory of every item sold and it’s selling price.
  • You receive a cashier’s check for the net amount shortly after the sale.
  • You receive an empty property that is broom clean and ready to sell or transfer to new owners.

We’re happy to take a look and see if an Estate Sale is the right solution for you and your family. Please contact us at and set up an appointment to come take a look. We think you’ll be pleased with the results.