Why Text Message?

  • 90% of all text messages are read within 3 seconds.
  • 30%+ Response rate, with 'as high as' 90% response rate!
  • 77x faster than calling.
  • 1000x faster than mail.
  • 98% final read rate. SMS is also connected to Facebook Messenger. You always check your messages, don't you?
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Simplistic Features & Design

We provide a user friendly and feature rich interface. Everything is neatly organized allowing you to generate leads faster. Features include:

  • Two Way Texting
  • TCPA Compliant Texting
  • List Pulling
  • Skip Tracing
  • Data Scraping
  • And more...

Continuous Updates

We are continuously developing the platform to:

  • Provide better, cheaper, faster data
  • Create innovative ways to improve upon technology that already exists
  • Continue to further improve on product offerings that will provide you a greater likelihood of success

Cloud Based & Mobile Friendly

We are cloud based, so no software installation required. We proudly support all Desktop & Laptop Windows, Mac, and Linux configurations. We also support Android, Apple, and Windows Smart Phone and Tablet hand held devices.

Integrated Calendar

You'll be able to set up your campaigns so that you can effectively market at peak response times, which will increase your response rates.

Mass Two-Way Text & Data Merge

Create and engage in real time personalized SMS conversations with your prospects easily by inserting {Name}, {Property Address}, and more. This will increase your response rates because your message is customized and specific to every prospect!

Website Data Capture

We bring you data and leads from the top USA Real Estate websites and deliver them directly in to your campaign inbox.

Why choose us?

1. Unrestricted Nationwide Access

  • Work multiple territories for no additional licensing fees.

2. Tier 1 Data of over 150+ Million properties

  • We use the same data that CoreLogic and other providers have.
  • Cash Buyers Lists, Vacants, Tax Delinquent, Tired Landlords, Absentee Owner, Liens, Expired Listings, Preforeclosures, Wholesalers, LLC's, and More.

3. TCPA Compliant Texting

  • Compliant Mass Texting to power your Real Estate Business.

4. Data Merge Messaging

  • Address each seller to give a personalized and customized feel.

5. 10-digit Phone Numbers

  • Local numbers increase response rates.
  • Change your number on the fly.


 Scraping Services for Zillow, Craigslist, Loopnet, Facebook Marketplace with direct owner contact info available.

  • Includes Direct contact info for each of the following property types:
    FSBO, For Rent By Owner, Property Management listings, For Sale By Agent, For Rent By Agent.

7. Free 1 on 1 screen sharing and integration.

Call To Action

Generate hot motivated seller and buyer leads for pennies with the push of a button. We provide the best value for the money.

Skip Tracing

  • Premium Skip Tracing Services.
  • 24-48 Hour Delivery.
  • Duplicate Check Included.
  • Litigator Scrub Included.
  • Top Quality with IDI Core.
  • A.)Did you know that IDI core was founded by the previous founders of TLOxP?
  • Up to 10 Phone Numbers, 2 email addresses, 80% - 90% Append Rate.
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Try out our platform! If you're texting

or buying more than 1500 records

per month you'll 'SAVE BIG' on

our Professional and Business plans!

  • Craigslist - 4 Cents/ea
  • Zillow - 3 Cents/ea
  • Skip Trace - 8 Cents/ea
  • (Provide list for 1 cent discount per record)
  • List Pull - 3 Cents/ea
  • SMS In/Out - 3 Cents/ea
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$97/month $1164 Total/yr


Save $204

10% Off Premium Services

  • Craigslist - 3 Cents/ea
  • Zillow - 2 Cents/ea
  • Skip Trace - 7 Cents/ea
  • (Provide list for 1 cent discount per record)
  • List Pull - 2 Cents/ea
  • SMS In/Out - 2 Cents/ea
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$197/month $2364 Total/yr


Save $600

20% Off Premium Services

  • Craigslist - 2 Cents/ea
  • Zillow - 1 Cent/ea
  • Skip Trace - 6 Cents/ea
  • (Provide list for 1 cent discount per record)
  • List Pull - 2 Cents/ea
  • SMS In/Out - 1.25 Cents/ea
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